best electric SUV less than $20000

Which is the best electric SUV for less than $20,000?

Many people are not too optimistic about new energy vehicles, but there are a lot of people who want to join the family of new energy vehicles, too expensive cars to buy in case of problems will not be worth it, too cheap practicality is not strong, so the new energy vehicles under $20,000 has become a hot zone, especially the practicality of the more powerful SUV models. This post will introduce three of the hotter pure-electric SUVs on the market to see who of them is more worth getting.


Price: From $16400

Class: Compact SUV

AION Y electric SUV
AION Y Electric SUV

GAC AION Y, its overall design looks a bit rounded, especially its front face, which adopts a near-vertical closed styling design, applying minimalist and simple design to the extreme. The most recognizable thing is its dart-shaped linear LED headlights on both sides, which have a very strong sense of fashionable design.

AION Y’s interior design is also based on simplicity, with a three-spoke flat-bottomed steering wheel, more sporty, and the horizontal design of the center console, color-matched LCD gauges and 14.6-inch center control screen, a strong sense of technology, which has a 360 panoramic view and 540 chassis panoramic view, which is more convenient, but the front radar needs to be optional, and the passenger’s electric seat also needs to be optional, otherwise only manual adjustment, which is Somewhat less in line with its high end model configuration.

AION Y body dimensions: length 4535mm/width 1870mm/height 1650mm, wheelbase 2750mm, although the length of the AION Y body does not dominate, but its wheelbase is very good, coupled with the flat rear floor, the ride space is very rich, more than enough for heights below 1 meter 85.

AION Y is equipped with a ternary lithium battery, maximum output power of 150kW, maximum torque of 225Nm, CLTC pure electric range of 610 kilometers, enough power, long range, the performance is quite good.


Price: From $18300

Class: Compact SUV

BYD Yuan Plus(Atto 3) Electric SUV
BYD Yuan Plus(Atto 3) Electric SUV

BYD Yuan PLUS is also inherited family design, closed front design in the middle of a silver chrome, on the “Yuan” logo, both sides of the headlights narrow sharp, although the body is small, but also bring a good momentum.

The interior of the Yuan PLUS adopts a double color design, more design and youthfulness than before, and the center control is paired with a 15.6-inch rotatable center control screen. Its air conditioning vents are designed with a more technological sense, and with its many interior details, it is more popular with young people. The Yuan PLUS is equipped with 360 panoramic view and front and rear radar, and the assisted driving can reach the L2 level, but many people complained that the sound insulation inside the Yuan PLUS is not good, so I hope that the officials will follow up with some improvements.

Yuan PLUS body dimensions are: 4455mm/1875mm/1615mm, wheelbase is 2720mm, as a compact SUV, this car inside space performance is average, just over 2 meters 7 wheelbase although there is a pure flat floor, but the space performance is not so ideal, 1 meter 75 height below the person sitting is not bad, and then taller will be a little constricted.

Yuan PLUS is equipped with its own lithium iron phosphate batteries, also known as blade batteries, with a maximum power of 150kW and a maximum torque of 310Nm, and a CLTC combined range of 510 kilometers, which is more powerful, but the range performance is average.

Neta U

Price: From $15500

Class: Compact SUV

Neta V Compact Electric SUV
Neta V Compact Electric SUV

The Neta U has its own unique design, especially in the front, where the two “Go” shaped headlights extend towards the center of the car and connect with each other, with a light-emitting strip in the middle, and a dot-shaped light strip, which is highly recognizable when illuminated.

The interior design of the Neta U is also simple, with most of the physical buttons integrated into the center screen. The interior features three large screens, the largest of which is an 8-inch LCD instrument and center screen, and a smaller screen below, somewhat similar to Audi’s three-screen design. Neta U is equipped with front and rear radar and reversing camera, which is enough for normal use, but there is no 360 panoramic view, which is not very convenient for some newbies. Especially in terms of safety features, only the main and passenger airbags, other parts and positions are not equipped with airbags, safety is low.

Neta U’s dimensions are 4549mm/1860mm/1628mm, with a wheelbase of 2770. Despite its average dimensions, Neta U’s wheelbase of nearly 2.8 meters makes the interior space close to that of a medium-sized SUV, and it’s more than enough room for a person of 1.85 meters to sit in the back row.

The Neta U is powered by a lithium iron phosphate battery with a maximum power of 120kW and a maximum torque of 210Nm. The CLTC range performance is 501 kilometers, which is an average power performance and a moderate range.


In a comprehensive view, these three pure electric compact SUVs also have their own advantages and disadvantages, of which the AION Y has the highest range, the configuration is slightly lower, and it is the only one of the three to use a non-independent suspension for the rear wheels. The second Yuan PLUS has the most power, the highest configuration, medium range, and slightly less space. The third, the Neta U, has the best space performance, but its range and power performance are relatively weak. So which one of these three SUVs is your favorite, or if you have any other better SUVs, feel free to share them with us below.

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