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One of the world’s top ten automobile companies, founded in 1938 in Wolfsburg, Germany, the founder is the world-famous master of automobile design, Porsche. Volkswagen is a multinational automobile group with automobile activities in many countries around the world. Volkswagen, as its name suggests, is a car produced for the masses.On January 17, 1934, Polscher submitted a proposal to the German government to design and produce a car for the masses. On January 17, 1934, Bolscher submitted a proposal to the German government to design and produce a car for the masses. The proposal was then approved by then Chancellor Adolf Hitler, and Bolscher later formed Volkswagen AG with 340,000 people as shareholders, with an annual production capacity of one million cars.
Volkswagen’s headquarters, which were moved to Berlin, are still located in Wolfsburg and currently employ more than 600,000 people. There are 13 production subsidiaries around the world, 7 sales companies overseas and 23 other companies. The domestic subsidiaries are mainly Volkswagen and Audi, and the entire automotive group has a production and sales capacity of around 3 million vehicles.
The ongoing success of the Volkswagen brand began with the Beetle, which has become an automotive legend. Then came the constant stream of new models. The seven Beetle models and the Golf, which has now been launched for six generations, are milestones in the history of Volkswagen. 21.5 million Beetles, 23 million Golfs, 13 million Passats and 9 million Polos have further strengthened the foundations of the Volkswagen brand’s success, and in 2002 the Golf surpassed the Beetle in production, setting a new Volkswagen record for the brand. In response to customer demand, the Volkswagen brand offers 41 model series ranging from the minicar Lupo to buses and trucks.
The Volkswagen brand has always been active in providing customers with the most advanced technological achievements, unique design and the best quality products in almost all automobile segments. Its sedan lineup includes not only mid-size and small cars such as the Golf, Passat, Lupo and Polo, but also top luxury cars such as the Phaeton and Touareg.
Volkswagen established its first joint venture in China, Shanghai Volkswagen, in 1984 and its second joint venture, FAW Volkswagen, in Changchun in 1991.
The Group currently owns 10 famous automobile brands: Volkswagen (Germany), Audi (Germany), Lamborghini (Italy), Bentley (UK), Bugatti (France), Seat (Spain), Skoda (Czech Republic), Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles (Germany), Porsche (Germany) and Scania (Sweden).