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Geely Automobile Group is a leading automobile manufacturer in China, aspiring to become the most competitive and respected Chinese automobile brand.
Geely’s brands include Geely, Link, Geometry and Volvo. It also owns 49.9% of Proton and all management rights, and 51% of the luxury sports car brand Lutus.
The year 2020 is a key year for Geely’s progression to “brand and technology leadership”, and is also the year of the full start of the “Technology Geely 4.0 Era”. Geely announced that it will enter the “Technology Geely 4.0 Era” from the previous “3.0 Fine Car Era”. BMA, CMA super mother, SPA, SEA vast architecture as the core, into the “comprehensive modular frame construction car era”.
By the end of October 2020, Geely’s cumulative global sales volume exceeded 10 million units, making it the first Chinese branded automobile enterprise to realize 10 million units of passenger car production and sales.
At present, Geely’s Galaxy L7 is selling well in the Chinese market.