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BYD 2023 e2 adopts the “Ocean Aesthetics” design concept exclusive to, with simple lines, calm and full, and a waistline design that emphasizes the sense of movement, while also reinforcing its new energy attributes. This youthful atmosphere continues inside the car, and the new car gives people a more refreshing feeling.
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BYD E2 Details (7)
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BYD E2 Details (1)
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The 2023 e2 adopts the “Ocean Aesthetics” design concept exclusive to, which further strengthens the new energy attributes of the car while making the exterior more youthful.
The front face is inherited from the concept car OCEAN X FACE design, full shape, simple and smooth lines of the whole car, both sedan dynamics, SUV practicality.


The 2023 e2 is also simple and sporty, with the Oceanic Simple Elegant Comfort cabin and Oceanic Center creating a fluid and vibrant overall atmosphere, reflecting the unique charm of “elegance in the heart, sportiness in the shape”.


The 2023 e2 is equipped with high safety and long-life blade batteries as standard, taking into account both battery safety and system energy density. 3H high-strength body structure, with a proportion of high-strength steel of more than 50%, provides users with the most direct safety protection at all times.

Based on the technical gene of e-platform 3.0, 2023 e2 is equipped with the world’s first deeply integrated eight-in-one electric powertrain, with a comprehensive system efficiency of 89%, combining both performance and energy consumption, and the 100km power consumption is as low as 10.3kW-h. The heat pump air conditioner is standard on all models.

The heat pump air conditioner is also standard in the whole system, which is equipped with direct cooling and heating technology for the battery pack, making the temperature control of the power battery more accurate and efficient, and increasing the low-temperature driving range by more than 10%.

In addition, the 2023 e2 also comes standard with the Intelligent Power Braking System, which is specially designed for new energy vehicles, providing complete active safety functions, higher energy recovery efficiency and a more comfortable driving experience.

Intelligent Configuration

The 2023 e2 is equipped with the new DiLink Intelligent Internet Connection System, which provides users with audio-visual entertainment, intelligent navigation and other functions, covering most of the user’s life scenarios. The new UI design has a clear catalog hierarchy and is easy to operate. Through intelligent voice interaction, drivers can easily complete most of the control functions of the vehicle.

The new car also upgrades the 8.8-inch combination meter with a larger screen and more comprehensive information display. The Intelligent Rotary Pad has been upgraded to two sizes, 10.1-inch (Comfort) and 12.8-inch (Luxury), for a better experience in watching videos and playing games.

Of course, users can also use Bluetooth key and cell phone NFC car key to unlock the vehicle. Through the intelligent APP, remote control of the vehicle can also be completed, easily realizing “a cell phone to go out with peace of mind”. The VTOL mobile discharge black technology, which comes standard in the whole system, can realize the picnic cooking and play freely.




2023 BYD e2 Comfort2023 BYD e2 Luxury
Basic Information
vehicle classCompact two-seaterCompact two-seater
Type of energyall-electricall-electric
CLTC pure electric range (km)405405
Total motor power (kW)7070
Total motor torque (N-m)180180
Maximum speed (km/h)130130
Battery Typelithium iron phosphate batterylithium iron phosphate battery
Battery capacity (kWh)43.243.2
Fast charging time (h)0.50.5
Fast charging capacity (%)8080
Warranty PolicySix years or 150,000 kilometersSix years or 150,000 kilometers
body of automobile
Length (mm)42604260
Width (mm)17601760
Height (mm)15301530
Wheelbase (mm)26102610
Front wheelbase(mm)14901490
Rear wheelbase(mm)14701470
Weight (kg)13401340
Number of doors (pcs)55
Number of seats (pcs)55
electric motor
Total motor power (kW)7070
Total motor torque (N-m)180180
Maximum power of front electric motor (kW)7070
Maximum torque of front motor (N-m)180180
CLTC pure electric range (km)405405
Battery capacity (kWh)43.243.2
100km power consumption (kWh/100km)10.310.3
Fast charging time (h)0.50.5
Motor structurepermanent magnetismpermanent magnetism
Principle of motor operationsynchronizationsynchronization
Number of drive motorssingle motorsingle motor
Motor Layoutpreamplifierpreamplifier
Battery Typelithium iron phosphate batterylithium iron phosphate battery
Battery Cell BrandsFerdi (surname)Ferdi (surname)
Battery cooling methodliquid coolingliquid cooling
power exchangeunsupportedunsupported
Battery Energy Density(Wh/kg)140140
fast charging functionbe in favor ofbe in favor of
Fast charging capacity (%)8080
Battery Pack WarrantyUnlimited years/mileage for first owner (liability waivers are subject to official terms)Unlimited years/mileage for first owner (liability waivers are subject to official terms)
Battery preheating
Driving formfront drivefront drive
Front suspension typeMacPherson independent suspensionMacPherson independent suspension
Rear suspension typeTorsion beam non-independent suspensionTorsion beam non-independent suspension
Steering assist formelectric power assistelectric power assist
Front/Rear Brake TypeVentilated Disc Type / Disc TypeVentilated Disc Type / Disc Type
Parking brake typeelectronic parkingelectronic parking
Front Tire Specification205/60 R16205/60 R16
Rear Tire Specification205/60 R16205/60 R16
Wheel Materialsteel (chemistry)aluminum
Active/passive safety features
ABS anti-lock
Brake force distribution (EBD/CBC etc.)
Brake Assist (BA/EBA/BAS etc.)
Traction control (ASR/TCS/TRC etc.)
Stability Control (ESC/ESP/DSC etc.)
front exhaust airbag:: Driver's airbag:: Driver's airbag
●Passenger airbag●Passenger airbag
Tire Pressure Detection Device● Alarms● Alarms
Seat Belt Reminder●Principal Driver●Principal Driver
ISOFIX child restraints
Auxiliary/maneuvering features
parking radar● Post● Post
Driver Assistance Video● Backup camera● Backup camera
cruise control●Cruise control●Cruise control
Driving Mode Switching:: Campaigns:: Campaigns
:: Economy:: Economy
:: Snow:: Snow
hill-holding aid
automatic parking
External/anti-theft configurations
roof rack
Key Type●Remote key●Remote key
● Bluetooth key● Bluetooth key
Keyless entry
Keyless Start System
Remote start function
Central locking in the car
Internal Configuration
Steering wheel material:: Plastics● Leather
Steering Wheel Adjustment● Manual● Manual
Adjustable up and downAdjustable up and down
Steering wheel functions:: Multifunctionality:: Multifunctionality
center armrest●Forward●Forward
Sun visor vanity mirror
Built-in car recorder-
Intelligent Hardware
Number of ultrasonic radars:: 4:: 4
Seat Material:: Fabrics:: Imitation leather
Integral adjustment of the main driver's seat●Before and after●Before and after
:: High and low:: High and low
Passenger seat overall adjustment●Before and after●Before and after
Second row seat adjustment● Integral lowering● Integral lowering
Large color screen in the center console
satellite navigation system
Navigating the road information display
Mobile APP Remote Function● Vehicle start-up● Vehicle start-up
● Air conditioning control● Air conditioning control
:: Vehicle condition check/diagnosis:: Vehicle condition check/diagnosis
:: Vehicle location/search:: Vehicle location/search
Bluetooth/Car Phone
Number of audio speakers44
Voice Recognition Control System:: Multimedia systems:: Multimedia systems
:: Navigation:: Navigation
:: Telephone:: Telephone
:: Air conditioning:: Air conditioning
OTA upgrade
Interface Support●USB port● USB port
(stage) lighting
low beam (headlights)● Halogen●LED
high beam (headlights)● Halogen●LED
LED daytime running lights-
Adjustable headlights
Automatic headlights
Delayed headlight off
power window●Forward●Forward
● Post● Post
rearview mirror●Motorized adjustment●Motorized adjustment
rearview mirror●Manual anti-glare●Manual anti-glare
Air conditioners/refrigerators
Air conditioning control method● Automatic control● Automatic control
PM2.5 filtration




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