Yangwang U8


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Non-load-bearing body, length 5.3 m, wheelbase 3.05 m.
Easysquare technology platform, four-wheel independent drive with four motors, pure electric drive, plug-in hybrid drive.
Supports ice and snow avoidance, desert driving, flat tire continuation, U-turn, lateral movement and floating mode.
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Yangwang U8 details (24)
Yangwang U8 details (22)
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Yangwang U8 details (24)
Yangwang U8 details (22)
Yangwang U8 details (1)
Yangwang U8 details (26)
Yangwang U8 details (14)
Yangwang U8 details (15)
Yangwang U8 details (16)
Yangwang U8 details (25)
Yangwang U8 details (4)
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Exterior Styling

The exterior of the U8 is still designed by Wolfgang Josef Egger, and it adopts the design language of “Time Gate”, which combines futuristic and technological sense into the hardcore styling. The headlights adopt a tripod-shaped design, which is very unique and has a high degree of recognition when illuminated. Inside the grille is a dot-matrix decoration, with the brand LOGO inlaid in the center, inspired by the oracle bone character “electricity”.

From the side, the new car’s square shape creates a hardcore image, with a length of 5300mm and a wheelbase of 3050mm, giving it a very powerful aura. Meanwhile, as a new energy vehicle, the new car is not only equipped with hidden door handles, but also aerodynamic design in the wheel arches and D-pillars. The new car will provide R20-inch wheels, tire size 275/60 R20.

The new car’s taillight shape echoes the headlights, and it will also be equipped with a welcome lighting effect to add a sense of ceremony. The trunk tailgate is equipped with external tires, and it will adopt the side door design.


Interior Design

Inspired by the star ring, the U8 adopts a double-ring cabin design, with the symmetrical center console extending outward on both sides like flying wings, the air conditioning vents located in the center console, and the cylinder shape design in the middle of the cabin and below the center console, which gives the overall feeling of luxury without losing comfort.

In terms of material application, the Nappa leather seats of the Rangoon U8 are made of head-layer cowhide full-grain leather, the roof is made of suede, and the door panels are made of precious Sabbia wood from Africa, with ultra-thin semi-transparent lacquer sprayed on the surface to show the visual grain and texture of the natural logs. The seats are exclusively customized quilted and incorporate eight chic hole designs of varying thicknesses. It can be said that Rangoon U8 has a good performance both in terms of touch and look and feel.

In addition to the design and materials, the Rangoon U8 is also equipped with a perfect digital intelligent technology, through a sense of luxury, modern technology and off-road scenes between the clever combination. Create a stronger sense of technology. Yangwang U8 is equipped with a 12.8-inch curved screen, a 23.6-inch long screen through the passenger side, a 70-inch equivalent AR-HUD screen, and two 12.8-inch floating multimedia screens in the rear row of the luxury version, which can realize the five-screen linkage to share entertainment, navigation and other information. At the same time, Yangwang U8 is equipped with Yangwang Link intelligent human-machine interaction, which supports full-scene continuous dialog, vehicle-wide full-time wake-up-free, four-zone independent interaction, and cross-zone command inheritance. However, as a hardcore off-road vehicle, Yangwang U8 still retains a moderate amount of physical buttons, which is more conducive to the driver’s precise control and ensures the safety of driving operations.


Power Configuration

In terms of power, the new E-Square technology platform will provide four-wheel, four-motor, single motor maximum power of 220-240kW, maximum torque of 320-420Nm, so that the 0-100km/h acceleration performance of the Rangoon U8 is in the 3-second class. In addition, the new vehicle will be equipped with an easy quad blade battery, and a non-load-bearing body. The four-wheel, four-motor technology supports independent control of the torque of individual wheels. Compared to the traditional mechanical all-wheel drive system, the electronically controlled four-wheel drive system reacts 100 times faster, while the adjustment range reaches 20 times, making it possible to accomplish a variety of driving conditions, including ice and snow fixed circle, desert ramp, continuing to drive with a flat tire (120km/h), in-situ turnaround, and floating mode, among others. Among them, the Float Mode can help the vehicle enter deeper wading surfaces, and after being in a floating state, it can also have the ability to drive normally out of trouble. However, this mode will be used as a passive function rather than an active function, and is limited to getting out of trouble on deeper sections of water, and is not recommended for challenging waters such as rivers or lakes. In addition, the flat tire continue driving mode means that after a flat tire occurs in the vehicle 120km/h driving, the system will quickly monitor the tire pressure change and adjust the body attitude through the body stability control system to keep continuing to drive stably.




Deluxe EditionOff-Road Gamer Edition
Basic vehicle parameters
Level:medium to large size carmedium to large size car
Body form:-Door-Seat SUV/Crossover-Door-Seat SUV/Crossover
L x W x H (mm):5319x2050x19305259x2095x2034
Wheelbase (mm):30503050
Power Type:add-on program (Tw)add-on program (Tw)
Maximum power of the whole vehicle (kW):880880
Maximum torque of the whole vehicle (N-m):12801280
Engine:2.0T-horsepower L42.0T-horsepower L4
Transmission:1-speed electric bike single speed1-speed electric bike single speed
Fast charging time (hours):0.30.3
Slow charging time (hours):--
MITI pure electric range (km):180-
body of automobile
Length (mm):53195259
Width (mm):20502095
Height (mm):19302034
Wheelbase (mm):30503050
Engine Model:--
Displacement (L):22
Cylinder volume (cc):19991999
Intake form:turbochargedturbocharged
Number of cylinders (pcs):44
Cylinder arrangement:inlineinline
Number of valves per cylinder (pcs):44
Valve Structure:double overheaddouble overhead
Compression ratio:--
Maximum horsepower (ps):--
Fuel:Gasoline 92Gasoline 92
Oil supply method:direct injectiondirect injection
Cylinder head material:aluminumaluminum
Cylinder material:aluminumaluminum
Engine start-stop technology:--
Emission standards:Country VICountry VI
electric motor
MITI pure electric range (km):180-
Motor Type:awaiting investigationawaiting investigation
Total motor power (kW):880880
Total motor torque (N-m):12801280
Number of motors:44
Motor Layout:Front + RearFront + Rear
Maximum power of front electric motor (kW):440440
Maximum torque of front motor (N-m):--
Rear motor max power (kW):440440
Maximum torque of rear motor (N-m):--
Battery type:lithium iron phosphate batterylithium iron phosphate battery
Battery capacity (kWh):49.0549.05
100km power consumption (kWh/100km):--
Battery Pack Warranty:awaiting investigationawaiting investigation
Charging compatibility:--
Charging method:fast chargefast charge
Fast charging time (hours):0.30.3
Slow charging time (hours):--
Fast charging volume (%):8080
Number of gears:11
Transmission Type:Electric Vehicle Single SpeedElectric Vehicle Single Speed
Chassis steering
Drive method:front four-wheel drivefront four-wheel drive
Splitter (4WD) type:--
Body Structure:Non-load-bearing bodyNon-load-bearing body
Steering Assist:electric power assistelectric power assist
Variable steering ratio:--
Integral active steering system (rear wheels steerable):--
Front suspension type:Double Wishbone Independent SuspensionDouble Wishbone Independent Suspension
Rear suspension type:Double Wishbone Independent SuspensionDouble Wishbone Independent Suspension
Adjustable suspension:●Flexibility adjustment●Flexibility adjustment
●High and low adjustment●High and low adjustment
Wheel brakes
Front brake type:Ventilated tray typeVentilated tray type
Rear brake type:Ventilated tray typeVentilated tray type
Parking brake type:electronic handbrakeelectronic handbrake
Front Tire Specifications:275/50R22-
Rear Tire Specifications:275/50R22-
Wheel material:aluminumaluminum
Spare tire specification:Full-size spare tireFull-size spare tire
safety equipment
Primary/passenger airbags:Main ●/Sub ●Main ●/Sub ●
Front/rear side airbags:Front ●/Rear ●Front ●/Rear ●
Front/rear head air curtains:Front ●/Rear ●Front ●/Rear ●
Knee airbags:
Rear seatbelt airbags:--
Rear center airbag:--
Passive Pedestrian Protection:--
Seatbelt not fastened tip:
ISOFIX child seat interface:
Tire pressure monitoring device:Tire Pressure DisplayTire Pressure Display
Keep driving with zero tire pressure:--
Automatic anti-lock (ABS, etc.):
Brake force distribution
(EBD/CBC, etc.):
Brake Assist
(EBA/BAS/BA, etc.):
traction control
(ASR/TCS/TRC, etc.):
stability control
(ESP/DSC/VSC, etc.):
Parallel Assist:-
Lane Departure Warning System:--
Lane Keeping Assist:--
Road traffic signage identification:--
Active braking/active safety systems:--
Auto Park:
Uphill Assist:
Steep slopes slow down:
Electronic engine immobilization:
Center lock in the car:
Remote key:
Keyless start system:
Keyless entry system:
Night vision system:--
Fatigue Driving Alerts:
Body Features/Configurations
Skylight type:●Openable panoramic sunroof●Openable panoramic sunroof
Sport Appearance Package:--
Motorized suction door:● Full vehicle● Full vehicle
Side sliding door form:--
Power trunk:--
Induction trunk:--
Roof racks:--
Active Closed Grille:--
Remote start function:
Vehicle side footrests:●Motorized retractable pedals:: Fixed pedal
Other body features:--
Interior Features/Configurations
Steering wheel material:● Leather● Leather
Steering wheel position adjustment::: Up and down:: Up and down
●Before and after●Before and after
The steering wheel is electrically adjustable:--
Multi-function steering wheel:
Steering wheel shift:--
Heated steering wheel:
Steering wheel memory:
Front/rear back-up radar:Front ●/Rear ●Front ●/Rear ●
Driver Assistance Imaging:●360-degree panoramic image●360-degree panoramic image
Reverse vehicle side warning system:--
Cruise control:●Adaptive cruise at all speeds●Adaptive cruise at all speeds
● Assisted driving class L2● Assisted driving class L2
Driving mode switching::: Standard/comfort:: Standard/comfort
:: Campaigns:: Campaigns
● Off-road● Off-road
:: Snow:: Snow
:: Economy:: Economy
● Customization
Automatic Parking Entry:--
Autopilot Technology:--
Separate power connector in the car:●220/230V●220/230V
The trip computer display:
Full LCD instrument cluster:
LCD gauge size:●23.6 inches●23.6 inches
HUD heads-up digital display:
Built-in car recorder:--
Active noise reduction:--
Wireless charging function for cell phones:● Front row● Front row
● Rear● Rear
Electric adjustable gas/brake pedal:--
Other features in the car:--
Seat Configuration
Seat Material:● Leather● Leather
Sport seats:--
Main driver's seat adjustment direction:●Forward and backward adjustment●Forward and backward adjustment
Backrest adjustmentBackrest adjustment
●High and low adjustment●High and low adjustment
●Lumbar support●Lumbar support
●Leg rest adjustment●Leg rest adjustment
Passenger seat adjustment direction:●Forward and backward adjustment●Forward and backward adjustment
Backrest adjustmentBackrest adjustment
●High and low adjustment●High and low adjustment
●Lumbar support●Lumbar support
●Leg rest adjustment●Leg rest adjustment
Power-adjustable driver's/passenger's seat:Main ●/Sub ●Main ●/Sub ●
Front Seat Features:●Heating●Heating
:: Ventilation:: Ventilation
:: Massage:: Massage
Power seat memory:●Main driver's seat●Main driver's seat
●Passenger seat●Passenger seat
:: Second row:: Second row
Passenger seat rear adjustable button (boss button):
Second row seat adjustment direction:●Lumbar support●Lumbar support
●Leg rest adjustment●Leg rest adjustment
Power adjustable second row seats:
Second Row Seating Features:●Heating●Heating
:: Ventilation:: Ventilation
:: Massage:: Massage
Second row of small table boards:--
Second row of individual seats:--
Third row of seats:not havenot have
The way the rear seats are lowered:● Proportionally lowerable● Proportionally lowerable
Rear cup holders:--
Heated/cooled cup holders:--
Multimedia Configuration
GPS navigation system:
In-vehicle information services:--
Navigate the road information display:
Center console LCD:●Touch OLED screen●Touch OLED screen
Center console LCD screen size:●12.8 inches●12.8 inches
The center LCD screen is displayed in a split screen:--
Bluetooth/car phone:
Cell phone connectivity/mapping:●OTA upgrade●OTA upgrade
Voice Control:--
Gesture control:--
Car TV:--
Rear LCD:
Rear control multimedia:
External audio interface:●USB●USB
USB/Type-C port::: 4 front/4 rear:: 4 front/4 rear
Audio Brands:●Dynaudio●Dynaudio
Number of speaker horns (pcs):●22 Horn●18 Horns
Lighting Configuration
Low beam light source:●LED●LED
High beam light source:●LED●LED
Lights Featured Function:● Matrix● Matrix
Daytime running lights:
Adaptive high and low beams:-
Headlights turn on and off automatically:--
Steering auxiliary light illumination:--
Headlamps are adjustable on-the-fly:--
Front fog lights:--
Height adjustable headlights:
Headlight washers:--
Interior ambient lighting:●127 colors●127 colors
Windows and mirrors
Front/rear power windows:Front ●/Rear ●Front ●/Rear ●
One-touch window up/down function:● Full vehicle● Full vehicle
Window anti-pinch feature:
UV/insulated glass:--
Multi-layer acoustic glass:● Full vehicle● Full vehicle
Outside rearview mirror function:--
Inside rearview mirror function:●Streaming rearview mirror●Streaming rearview mirror
Rear windshield sunshade:--
Rear side sunshade:--
Rear side privacy glass:
Interior vanity mirrors:--
Front sensing wipers:--
Rear wiper:-
Air conditioners/refrigerators
Air conditioning temperature control method:●Automatic air conditioning●Automatic air conditioning
Temperature zoned control:
Rear air vents:
Individual rear air conditioning:
Car Air Purifier:
PM2.5 filter or pollen filter:
Negative ion generator:
In-car scenting unit:
Car refrigerator:




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