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The Benben E-Star features an integrated three-in-one electric drive system with a maximum output of 55 kW (75 hp) and peak torque of 170 N-m. The new vehicle is equipped with a 32.2 kWh lithium-ion ternary battery and supports two charging modes – fast DC charging and slow AC charging. The AC charging port is located on the logo at the front of the vehicle, while the DC charging port is located at the rear of the vehicle by the “gas tank”.
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Changan Benben E-Star Details (26)
Changan Benben E-Star Details (27)
Changan Benben E-Star Details (28)
Changan Benben E-Star Details (33)
Changan Benben E-Star Details (32)
Changan Benben E-Star Details (31)
Changan Benben E-Star Details (34)
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Range is more reliable

301 highway range, in the field of electric vehicles, although can not be considered very good, but the comparison should also look at the object, to know in the A0 level of entry-level electric cars inside, usually the range is only one or two hundred kilometers.

Compared with traditional fuel vehicles, pure electric vehicles in the late use, eliminating the cost of fuel and maintenance costs, and the use of electricity generated in the process is much cheaper than the cost of fuel, but a few tens of thousands of entry-level pure electric vehicle range is often questioned.

As an industry-wide pain point for new energy vehicles, range is more prominent in entry-level commuter vehicles. The Pentium E-Star can have a range of 301 kilometers, mainly depends on its use of ternary material batteries, and the battery 30%-80% DC fast charging only 30 minutes, so that the new car is full of energy, but also eliminates the time to queue up at the gas station.

As for the electric drive system, the Pentium E-Star adopts a three-in-one integrated electric drive system, which can explode a maximum power of 55kw, a maximum torque of 170Nm, and an acceleration of 0-50km/h in just 4.7s. This configuration is hard to beat in its class, and has enough power for urban mobility scenarios.


Appearance is a little fortunate

The Pentium E-Star’s face is a sight to behold, no longer rustic in terms of design and color scheme at least, and a little bit hip.

At a glance, Ben E-Star is easily recognized as a pure electric car, no traditional traditional fuel car grille design, instead of closed one-piece wave-by-wave shape, triangular LED headlamps, looks quite sharp, and below the multi-level green trim, once again proving their own environmental identity.

In the exterior color scheme, Ben E-Star also used a relatively refreshing collocation, did not deliberately to emphasize the identity of the new energy, only in the front of the car below the air intake grille added a few fluorescent yellow straight lines slightly embellished, handled quite coordinated, but also a point of fashion sense and sense of technology in it.

New car body length, width and height dimensions were 3770 * 1650 * 1570mm, wheelbase of 2410mm, compact size is convenient for parking, the internal space performance is also enough to accommodate 4 people normal ride.


Intelligent configuration is more practical

Entering the car, the first thing you notice is the interior part, the new car adopts the popular LCD dashboard and center control LCD screen design, dual 10.25-inch screen appears, which is quite rare in the entry-level new energy models. In addition, the steering wheel also adopts Changan’s latest style, as well as knob gear lever, electronic handbrake, etc. The entire interior color scheme is mainly dark, embellished with white and green lines, presenting a more youthful and energetic atmosphere.

In terms of configuration, the Pentium E-Star comes standard with electronic parking brake, tire pressure monitoring, dual front airbags, ABS+EBD, hill assist, reverse radar, remote start function, adjustable multifunctional steering wheel, 10.25-inch high-definition LCD dual-link screen, LED long- and short-distance headlights, headlight delayed shutdown, the front center armrest, and the rear seat proportional recline and so on.

In the field of intelligence, Pentium E-Star is equipped with the “Joy Link” intelligent interconnection system, which brings consumers an in-depth voice human-machine interaction experience. The system supports a variety of car scenarios, involving navigation, Bluetooth phone, Internet music, radio, map services and other functions, comprehensive care for the user’s multi-level needs.




Difference item highlightingColorful version Lithium Iron Phosphate
Basic vehicle parameters
Time to market:23-Jan
Body form:5-door, 5-seat sedan
L x W x H (mm):3770x1650x1570
Wheelbase (mm):2410
Power Type:all-electric
Maximum power of the whole vehicle (kW):55
Maximum torque of the whole vehicle (N-m):170
Official top speed (km/h):101
Fast charging time (hours):0.8
Slow charging time (hours):12
MITI pure electric range (km):310
Maintenance intervals:---
Warranty Policy:3 years/120,000 kilometers for the entire vehicle
body of automobile
Luggage compartment volume (L):147
Overall mass (kg):1180
electric motor
MITI pure electric range (km):310
Motor Type:Permanent magnet/synchronous
Total motor power (kW):55
Total motor torque (N-m):170
Number of motors:1
Motor Layout:preamplifier
Maximum power of front electric motor (kW):55
Maximum torque of front motor (N-m):170
Battery type:lithium iron phosphate battery
Battery Pack Warranty:8 years/120,000 kilometers
Charging compatibility:Dedicated charging post + public charging post
Charging method:Fast charging + slow charging
Fast charging time (hours):0.8
Slow charging time (hours):12
Fast charging volume (%):80
Number of gears:1
Transmission Type:Electric Vehicle Single Speed
Chassis steering
Drive method:front drive
Body Structure:Load-bearing body
Steering Assist:electric power assist
Front suspension type:MacPherson independent suspension
Rear suspension type:Torsion beam non-independent suspension
Wheel brakes
Front brake type:Ventilated tray type
Rear brake type:disk
Parking brake type:electronic handbrake
Front Tire Specifications:175/60 R15
Rear Tire Specifications:175/60 R15
Wheel material:aluminum
Spare tire specification:not have
safety equipment
Primary/passenger airbags:Main ●/Sub ●
Seatbelt not fastened tip:
ISO FIX child seat interface:
Tire pressure monitoring device:Tire Pressure Display
Automatic anti-lock (ABS, etc.):
Brake Power Distribution
(EBD/CBC, etc.):
Uphill Assist:
Center lock in the car:
Remote key:
Body Features/Configurations
Remote start function:
Interior Features/Configurations
Steering wheel material:● Leather
Steering wheel position adjustment::: Up and down
Multi-function steering wheel:
Front/rear back-up radar:Front -/back ●
Driving mode switching::: Campaigns
:: Economy
Separate power connector in the car:●12V
The trip computer display:
Full LCD instrument cluster:
LCD gauge size:● 10.25 inches
Seat Configuration
Seat Material::: Fabrics
Main driver's seat adjustment direction:●Forward and backward adjustment
Backrest adjustment
Passenger seat adjustment direction:●Forward and backward adjustment
Backrest adjustment
Third row of seats:not have
The way the rear seats are lowered:● Proportionally lowerable
Front/rear seat center armrests:Front ● / Back -
Multimedia Configuration
Center console LCD:●Touch LCD
Center console LCD screen size:● 10.25 inches
External audio interface:●USB
USB/Type-C port::: 1 in the front row
Number of speaker horns (pcs):●2 speakers
Lighting Configuration
Low beam light source:●LED
High beam light source:●LED
Height adjustable headlights:
Windows and mirrors
Front/rear power windows:Front ●/Rear ●
Outside rearview mirror function:●Motorized adjustment
Inside rearview mirror function:●Manual anti-glare
Interior vanity mirrors:●Passenger seat
Air conditioners/refrigerators
Air conditioning temperature control method:●Manual air conditioning




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