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The Dongfeng eπ 007 has the lowest energy consumption of its class at 11.9kWh / 100km, with a maximum system efficiency of 94.5%, and the extended-range version realizes an ultra-long range of 1200km. The dimensions of the model are 4880/1895/1460mm, with a wheelbase of 2915mm. The single-motor model offers two different power motors of 160kW and 200kW, while the dual-motor model is composed of two 200kW motors.

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Dongfeng eπ007 Details (2)
Dongfeng eπ007 Details (3)
Dongfeng eπ007 Details (4)
Dongfeng eπ007 Details (5)
Dongfeng eπ007 Details (6)
Dongfeng eπ007 Auto Details (6)
Dongfeng eπ007 Auto Details (4)
Dongfeng eπ007 Auto Details (1)
Dongfeng eπ007 Auto Details (2)
Dongfeng eπ007 Auto Details (3)
Dongfeng eπ007 Auto Details (5)
Dongfeng eπ007 Auto Details (9)
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Dongfeng eπ007 Details (2)
Dongfeng eπ007 Details (3)
Dongfeng eπ007 Details (4)
Dongfeng eπ007 Details (5)
Dongfeng eπ007 Details (6)
Dongfeng eπ007 Auto Details (6)
Dongfeng eπ007 Auto Details (4)
Dongfeng eπ007 Auto Details (1)
Dongfeng eπ007 Auto Details (2)
Dongfeng eπ007 Auto Details (3)
Dongfeng eπ007 Auto Details (5)
Dongfeng eπ007 Auto Details (9)
Dongfeng eπ007 Auto Details (10)
Dongfeng eπ007 Auto Details (11)
Dongfeng eπ007 Auto Details (8)
Dongfeng eπ007 Auto Details (7)
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Exterior Design

Dongfeng eπ 007 is based on the Dongfeng Quantum Architecture and adopts an avant-garde design with a visually striking overall shape and the Dongfeng Mach E power new energy system.
Dongfeng eπ 007 adopts the popular technological exterior, and the overall shape is visually striking. The front face adopts a closed grille with a simple double T-shaped logo, and sharp and narrow headlights on both sides of the front; it is also equipped with a smoked front surround component, which, combined with the design of the ribbed lines rising from the engine cover, adds a sporty attribute to it.

The eπ 007’s side profile is smooth, with a slightly sloping roofline towards the rear and black trim at the window frames for a sporty touch; the eπ 007 is also equipped with hidden door handles, black side skirts and large five-spoke wheels with low wind resistance; the rear end adopts a slender through-head LED taillight cluster combined with a wide black rear surround for a sporty, recognizable look; and it is equipped with a motorized The rear end is equipped with a long and slender LED tail lamp group combined with a wide black rear surround.

Interior Design

The interior of Dongfeng eπ 007 adopts a minimalist design, using a dual-patch color scheme and a large number of soft materials for wrapping, and the overall texture is very strong; equipped with the Dongfeng SOA intelligent cockpit, the full LCD instrument that can be flipped with a large-size floating center control screen and double-spoke multifunction steering wheel to create a strong sense of technology. In addition; equipped with WANOS panoramic surround sound field.

Parameter Configuration

In addition to the value, Dongfeng eπ 007 also has a wealth of scientific and technological configurations. eπ PILOT – Intelligent Assisted Driving is equipped as standard in the whole series, which supports the functions of AEB Emergency Braking, ACC Adaptive Cruise Control, LKA Lane Keeping, etc. The optional Smart Driving Pilot is also available. You can also choose the Smart Driving Pilot Upgrade Package, which realizes “High-speed NOA Pilot Assisted Driving”, “LAPA Super Visual Distance Memory Parking” and other high-level driver assistance functions rarely found in the same class, so you can enjoy an easy and intelligent travel experience.

Dimensions of 4880mm/1895mm/1460mm, wheelbase 2915mm; power using the Dongfeng Mach E power system, optional 160 kW or 200 kW electric drive assembly, for the future range-extended and electric four-wheel drive system.

In terms of battery safety, the Mach E battery has undergone stringent “land, sea and air” amphibious testing to ensure that the battery has a safe performance at any time and in any space. Through the application of high-efficiency grouping technology, cloud-based intelligent battery management system, wide-temperature domain heat pump technology, and multi-heat source high-efficiency coupling utilization technology, eπ 007 is unique in controlling the temperature and range, with a low-temperature range decay rate as low as 30%.




2023 Tank 400 Hi4-T Functional Edition2023 Tank 400 Hi-4-T Ultra
Basic Information
vehicle classMedium SUVMedium SUV
Type of energyplug-in hybridplug-in hybrid
WLTC pure electric range (km)105105
Combined system power (kW)300300
Combined system torque (N-m)750750
motor2.0T / 252 hp / in-line 4-cylinder2.0T / 252 hp / in-line 4-cylinder
Maximum power (kW)185185
Maximum torque (N-m)380380
Number of gears99
transmissionautomated manual transmission (e.g. gas and electricity supply)automated manual transmission (e.g. gas and electricity supply)
Maximum speed (km/h)180180
0-100km/h acceleration(s)6.86.8
WLTC Combined Fuel Consumption (L/100km)2.612.61
Battery TypeTernary lithium batteryTernary lithium battery
Battery capacity (kWh)37.137.1
Fast charging time (h)0.40.4
Fast charging capacity (%)30-8030-80
Warranty PolicyFive years or 150,000 kilometersFive years or 150,000 kilometers
body of automobile
Length (mm)49854985
Width (mm)19601960
Height (mm)19001900
Wheelbase (mm)28502850
Front wheelbase(mm)16351635
Rear wheelbase(mm)16351635
Weight (kg)27702770
Luggage compartment volume (L)566-1803566-1803
Fuel tank volume (L)7070
Number of doors (pcs)55
Number of seats (pcs)55
Displacement (mL)19981998
Maximum horsepower (Ps)252252
Maximum power (kW)185185
Maximum power speed (rpm)5500-60005500-6000
Maximum torque (N-m)380380
Maximum torque speed (rpm)1700-40001700-4000
cylinder (engine)Inline 4-cylinderInline 4-cylinder
engine positionpreamplifierpreamplifier
Intake formturbochargedturbocharged
valve traindouble overhead camshaftdouble overhead camshaft
Lubrication methoddirect injectiondirect injection
Cylinder materialaluminumaluminum
fuel grade92#92#
environmental standardCountry 6Country 6
electric motor
Total motor power (kW)120120
Total motor torque (N-m)400400
Maximum power of front electric motor (kW)120120
Maximum torque of front motor (N-m)400400
Combined system power (kW)300300
Combined system torque (N-m)750750
WLTC pure electric range (km)105105
Battery capacity (kWh)37.137.1
Slow charging time (h)6.56.5
Fast charging time (h)0.40.4
Motor structurepermanent magnetismpermanent magnetism
Principle of motor operationsynchronizationsynchronization
Number of drive motorssingle motorsingle motor
Motor Layoutpreamplifierpreamplifier
Battery TypeTernary lithium batteryTernary lithium battery
Battery Cell BrandsBeehive EnergyBeehive Energy
Battery cooling methodliquid coolingliquid cooling
power exchangeunsupportedunsupported
fast charging functionbe in favor ofbe in favor of
Fast charging capacity (%)30-8030-80
Driving formfour-wheel drivefour-wheel drive
Front suspension typeDouble Wishbone Independent SuspensionDouble Wishbone Independent Suspension
Rear suspension typemultilink independent suspensionmultilink independent suspension
Center Differential Structuremultiplate clutchmultiplate clutch
Steering assist formelectric power assistelectric power assist
Front/Rear Brake TypeVentilated tray typeVentilated tray type
Parking brake typeelectronic parkingelectronic parking
Front Tire Specification265/65 R18265/65 R18
Rear Tire Specification265/65 R18265/65 R18
Wheel Materialaluminumaluminum
Spare tire specificationfull sizefull size
Active/passive safety features
ABS anti-lock
Brake force distribution (EBD/CBC etc.)
Brake Assist (BA/EBA/BAS etc.)
Traction control (ASR/TCS/TRC etc.)
Stability Control (ESC/ESP/DSC etc.)
Active braking/safety systems
merging aid
lane keeping assist system
lane departure warning
Road traffic signage recognition
Fatigue Driving Alerts
DOW Open Door Alert
front exhaust airbag:: Driver's airbag:: Driver's airbag
●Passenger airbag●Passenger airbag
●Side airbags●Side airbags
●Head airbags (air curtains)●Head airbags (air curtains)
Rear airbags●Head airbags (air curtains)●Head airbags (air curtains)
Tire Pressure Detection Device●Display●Display
Seat Belt Reminder●Principal Driver●Principal Driver
ISOFIX child restraints
Forward Collision Warning
Rear Collision Warning
Auxiliary/Manipulation Configurations
parking radar●Forward●Forward
● Post● Post
Driver Assistance Video●360-degree panoramic image●360-degree panoramic image
cruise control●Adaptive cruise at all speeds●Adaptive cruise at all speeds
Driving Mode Switching:: Campaigns:: Campaigns
:: Economy:: Economy
:: Standard/comfort:: Standard/comfort
:: Snow:: Snow
● Off-road● Off-road
steep incline and slow descent
hill-holding aid
automatic parking
Center differential locking function
Limited Slip Differential/Differential Lock
Assisted driving level●L2●L2
External/anti-theft configurations
skylights●Electric sunroof●Openable panoramic sunroof
roof rack
Electric Suction Door-
Side footrests● Fixed● Electric
Key Type●Remote key●Remote key
● Bluetooth key
Keyless entry
Keyless Start System
Central locking in the car
electronic immobilizer
Internal Configuration
Steering wheel material● Leather● Leather
Steering Wheel Adjustment● Manual● Manual
Adjustable up and downAdjustable up and down
Adjustable front and rearAdjustable front and rear
Steering wheel functions:: Multifunctionality●Heating
●Shift paddles:: Multifunctionality
●Shift paddles
center armrest●Forward●Forward
● Post● Post
Sun visor vanity mirror
Liquid crystal instrument size12.3 in.12.3 in.
HUD Head-Up Display-
Built-in car recorder
active noise reduction-
Wireless charging function for cell phones● Front row● Front row
Intelligent Hardware
Number of cameras● 5● 5
Seat Material:: Imitation leather● Leather
Main Driver's Seat Function●Heating:: Memory
:: Ventilation
:: Massage
Passenger seat function●Heating:: Ventilation
Seat electric adjustment●Principal Driver●Principal Driver
Integral adjustment of the main driver's seat●Before and after●Before and after
:: High and low:: High and low
Partial adjustment of the main driver's seat● Waist● Waist
Passenger seat overall adjustment●Before and after●Before and after
Second row seat adjustment●Proportional lowering●Proportional lowering
Rear Cup Holder
Large color screen in the center console
satellite navigation system
Navigating the road information display
Map Branding●Gold●Gold
Roadside assistance calls
Bluetooth/Car Phone
Cell phone connectivity/mapping●Factory connectivity/mapping●Factory connectivity/mapping
Audio Brand Name-Infinity Yan Fei Li Si
Number of audio speakers1010
Voice Recognition Control System:: Multimedia systems:: Multimedia systems
:: Navigation:: Navigation
:: Telephone:: Telephone
:: Air conditioning:: Air conditioning
OTA upgrade
Interface Support● USB port● USB port
●Type-C port●Type-C port
Power Support12V power supply for luggage compartment12V power supply for luggage compartment
illumination●220V/230V power supply●220V/230V power supply
low beam (headlights)●LED●LED
high beam (headlights)●LED●LED
LED daytime running lights
Adaptive high and low beam
Adjustable headlights
Automatic headlights
Delayed headlight off
front fog lights (of a motor vehicle)
Interior Ambient Lighting
power window●Forward●Forward
● Post● Post
One-touch window lifting● Full vehicle● Full vehicle
Anti Window Pinch Handle
rearview mirror●Motorized adjustment●Motorized adjustment
:: Electric folding:: Electric folding
:: Memory:: Memory
●Automatic folding for locking the car●Automatic folding for locking the car
●Automatic reversing down●Automatic reversing down
rearview mirror●Manual anti-glare●Streaming rearview mirror
Glass Functions:: Multi-layer soundproofing:: Multi-layer soundproofing
● Rear side privacy
sunshade-:: Rear side window sunshade
inductive wiper
Air conditioners/refrigerators
Air conditioning control method● Automatic control● Automatic control
Individual air-conditioning in the rear
rear air vent
Temperature zone control
PM2.5 filtration




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