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NIO ES7 is a mid-size SUV based on NIO NT2.0, with over 100 standard features that break through boundaries with extreme performance, extreme comfort, leading-edge smart technology and rich application scenarios.
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Exterior Design

Based on NIO’s NT2.0 platform, the exterior of the ES7 is not much different from NIO’s other SUVs, with a simplified front end that retains the split headlights and X-bar design elements while eliminating the “eight-beard” design of NIO’s SUVs, and moving closer to the design of NIO’s sedans.

The side lines are simple and unchanged, with new two-tone low-wind resistance wheels and hidden door handles. The rear section of the NIO ES7 offers a small slinky shape with an upper rear wing, making it sportier compared to the ES6.

In terms of dimensions, the new car is positioned as a large five-seat SUV with a wheelbase between the ES8 and ES6, which is expected to be around 2950mm.

The NIO ES7 applies NIO’s new design language, which is simple, sharp and full of power, and for the first time integrates the concept of Design for AD into an SUV.The design of the ES7’s window line and side skirt muscle line is full of a sense of catapulting, and with the sporty front bumper, active grille, front spoiler shape, and the energetic Air Wing wing taillamps show NIO’s high-performance genes, shaping a strong sense of sportiness. The interior design

Interior Design

The interior design of NIO ES7 continues the concept of “second living room”, which is delicate and warm. 2960mm wheelbase gives NIO ES7 a spacious mobile living space, and the front space adopts a double-layer S-Shape dashboard setup, together with Karuun renewable barnwood in the wrap-around shape, which presents a wrap-around cabin with front and rear seats connected to one another. The ES7 comes standard with a queen passenger seat in the front, heated, ventilated and massaged seats in the front; heated seats in the rear, and backrests that support 23°-31° infinite power adjustment and can be reclined in 4/6.

Intelligent Configuration

The NIO ES7 is equipped with the NIO Intelligent System Banyan, which consists of in-vehicle intelligent hardware, vehicle computing platform, operating system, intelligent algorithms and intelligent applications, and is named after the name of a tree to symbolize continuous growth and forestation, as well as to express the concept of greenness and sustainability.Banyan is the intelligent system corresponding to the NIO’s second-generation technology platform NT2. NIO’s super-sensing system Aquila and supercomputing platform Adam are part of the Banyan intelligent system, the in-vehicle intelligent hardware and the whole vehicle computing platform, respectively.

The NIO ES7 is equipped with NIO’s latest autonomous driving technology, NAD (NIO Autonomous Driving), which will gradually realize a safe and relaxing point-to-point autonomous driving experience throughout the whole process of high speed, urban area, parking, power exchange and other scenarios.NAD is an important part of the Banyan Intelligent System’s intelligent applications.

Power Performance

ES7 also inherits NIO’s high-performance genes, applying the second-generation high-efficiency electric drive platform with silicon carbide power modules, accelerating to 100km in just 3.9 seconds. All models come standard with Brembo high-performance four-piston calipers, with a minimum braking distance of 33.9 meters from 100 kilometers to zero, and all models come standard with air suspension. NIO ES7 wind resistance coefficient is as low as 0.263, with standard range battery pack (75kWh) CLTC range is 485 kilometers, with long range battery pack (100kWh) range is 620 kilometers, with ultra-long range battery pack (150kWh) range is over 850 kilometers. Together with home charging piles, super charging piles and nearly 1,000 NIO exchange stations nationwide, ES7 users will no longer have anxiety about replenishing energy.

NIO ES7 is equipped with PanoCinema, a panoramic digital cockpit that applies AR/VR technology. NIO and NREAL, an innovative AR equipment company, have jointly developed exclusive AR glasses that project a 6-meter viewing distance and a 201-inch equivalent screen, and with the new 256-color digital light curtain ambient lighting and Dolby Atmos and 7.1.4 immersive sound systems, PanoCinema is a great choice. will deliver a unique full-sensory immersion experience in an exclusive space like NIO ES7.

The NIO ES7 is equipped with four NVIDIA Drive Orin chips, a processor with Qualcomm 8155, and NT2.0 assisted driving features with dual side-angle cameras and overhead LIDAR as standard.

As the first SUV built on NIO’s second-generation technology platform NT2, it is also NIO’s first large five-seat SUV, positioned as a purely electric medium-sized SUV, equipped with a dual-motor four-wheel-drive system, with an officially announced acceleration time of 3.9 seconds over 100 kilometers.

The NIO ES7 is equipped with NIO’s second-generation high-efficiency electric drive platform, with a maximum power of 480kw, a maximum torque of 850N.m, a 100km acceleration of 3.9s, and a maximum range of up to 930km on a 150kwh battery pack.



2023 NIO ET5T 75kWh Touring2023 NIO ET5T 100kWh Touring
Basic Information
vehicle classMidsize station wagonMidsize station wagon
Type of energyall-electricall-electric
CLTC pure electric range (km)530680
Total motor power (kW)360360
Total motor torque (N-m)700700
Maximum speed (km/h)200200
0-100km/h acceleration(s)44
Battery TypeLithium ternary + lithium iron phosphateTernary lithium battery
Battery capacity (kWh)75100
Fast charging time (h)0.60.6
Fast charging capacity (%)8080
Warranty PolicyThree years or 120,000 kilometersThree years or 120,000 kilometers
body of automobile
Length (mm)47904790
Width (mm)19601960
Height (mm)14991499
Wheelbase (mm)28882888
Front wheelbase(mm)16851685
Rear wheelbase(mm)16851685
Weight (kg)21952245
Luggage compartment volume (L)450-1300450-1300
Number of doors (pcs)55
Number of seats (pcs)55
electric motor
Total motor power (kW)360360
Total motor torque (N-m)700700
Maximum power of front electric motor (kW)150150
Maximum torque of front motor (N-m)280280
Maximum power of rear electric motor (kW)210210
Maximum torque of rear motor (N-m)420420
CLTC pure electric range (km)530680
Battery capacity (kWh)75100
Fast charging time (h)0.60.6
Motor structureinduction (elec.)induction (elec.)
Principle of motor operationsynchronoussynchronous
Second motor structurepermanent magnetismpermanent magnetism
Second motor working principlesynchronizationsynchronization
Number of drive motorsDual MotorDual Motor
Motor Layoutfront and rearfront and rear
Battery TypeLithium ternary + lithium iron phosphateTernary lithium battery
Battery Cell BrandsJiangsu TimesJiangsu Times
Battery cooling methodliquid coolingliquid cooling
power exchangebe in favor ofbe in favor of
Battery Energy Density(Wh/kg)142.1185.44
fast charging functionbe in favor ofbe in favor of
Fast charging capacity (%)8080
Battery Pack WarrantyTen years of unlimited kilometers for the first owner (liability exclusions are subject to official terms)Ten years of unlimited kilometers for the first owner (liability exclusions are subject to official terms)
Battery preheating
Driving formfour-wheel drivefour-wheel drive
Front suspension typeFive-link independent suspensionFive-link independent suspension
Rear suspension typeFive-link independent suspensionFive-link independent suspension
Steering assist formelectric power assistelectric power assist
Front/Rear Brake TypeVentilated tray typeVentilated tray type
Parking brake typeelectronic parkingelectronic parking
Front Tire Specification245/45 R19245/45 R19
Rear Tire Specification245/45 R19245/45 R19
Wheel Materialaluminumaluminum
Spare tire specificationTire Repair ToolsTire Repair Tools
Active/passive safety features
ABS anti-lock
Brake force distribution (EBD/CBC etc.)
Brake Assist (BA/EBA/BAS etc.)
Traction control (ASR/TCS/TRC etc.)
Stability Control (ESC/ESP/DSC etc.)
Active braking/safety systems
merging aid
lane keeping assist system
lane departure warning
Road traffic signage recognition
Fatigue Driving Alerts
DOW Open Door Alert
front exhaust airbag:: Driver's airbag:: Driver's airbag
●Passenger airbag●Passenger airbag
:: Intermediate airbags:: Intermediate airbags
●Side airbags●Side airbags
●Head airbags (air curtains)●Head airbags (air curtains)
Rear airbags●Head airbags (air curtains)●Head airbags (air curtains)
Tire Pressure Detection Device●Display●Display
Seat Belt Reminder● Full vehicle● Full vehicle
ISOFIX child restraints
Forward Collision Warning
Auxiliary/Manipulation Configurations
parking radar●Forward●Forward
● Post● Post
Driver Assistance Video●360-degree panoramic image●360-degree panoramic image
cruise control●Adaptive cruise at all speeds●Adaptive cruise at all speeds
Driving Mode Switching:: Campaigns:: Campaigns
:: Economy:: Economy
:: Standard/comfort:: Standard/comfort
:: Snow:: Snow
hill-holding aid
automatic parking
automatic parking
Assisted driving level●L2●L2
External/anti-theft configurations
skylights● Non-opening panoramic sunroof● Non-opening panoramic sunroof
roof rackcharacter used in Taiwan as a substitute for a real name (like "X" in English)character used in Taiwan as a substitute for a real name (like "X" in English)
Electric Suction Door
Concealed power door handles
Trunk opening method● Electric● Electric
Power trunk position memory
Key Type● UWB digital key● UWB digital key
●Remote key●Remote key
● Bluetooth key● Bluetooth key
Keyless entry
Keyless Start System
Remote start function
Central locking in the car
Internal Configuration
Steering wheel materialLeatherLeather
● Leather● Leather
Steering Wheel Adjustment● Electric● Electric
Adjustable up and downAdjustable up and down
Adjustable front and rearAdjustable front and rear
Steering wheel functions○Heating○Heating
:: Multifunctionality:: Multifunctionality
center armrest●Forward●Forward
● Post● Post
Sun visor vanity mirror
Liquid crystal instrument size10.2 in.10.2 in.
Built-in car recorder
Wireless charging function for cell phones● Front row● Front row
Intelligent Hardware
Assisted Driving Chips● NVIDIA Drive Orin● NVIDIA Drive Orin
total chip power●1016 TOPS●1016 TOPS
Number of cameras:: 11:: 11
Number of ultrasonic radars:: 12:: 12
Number of millimeter-wave radars● 5● 5
Number of LiDAR:: 1:: 1
Seat MaterialLeatherLeather
:: Imitation leather:: Imitation leather
sports seat
Main Driver's Seat Function:: Memory:: Memory
:: Massage:: Massage
Passenger seat function:: Memory:: Memory
:: Massage:: Massage
Seat electric adjustment●Principal Driver●Principal Driver
Integral adjustment of the main driver's seat●Before and after●Before and after
:: High and low:: High and low
Partial adjustment of the main driver's seat● Waist● Waist
○Leg rest○Leg rest
Passenger seat overall adjustment●Before and after●Before and after
:: High and low:: High and low
Partial adjustment of the passenger seat● Waist● Waist
○Leg rest○Leg rest
Second row seat adjustment●Proportional lowering●Proportional lowering
Rear Cup Holder
Large color screen in the center console
satellite navigation system
Navigating the road information display
Roadside assistance calls
Automotive Intelligence ChipQualcomm Snapdragon 8155Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155
Dolby Atmos
Mobile APP Remote Function● Charge management● Charge management
● Air conditioning control● Air conditioning control
:: Vehicle condition check/diagnosis:: Vehicle condition check/diagnosis
:: Vehicle location/search:: Vehicle location/search
Bluetooth/car phone
Number of audio speakers2323
Voice Recognition Control System:: Multimedia systems:: Multimedia systems
:: Navigation:: Navigation
:: Telephone:: Telephone
:: Air conditioning:: Air conditioning
facial recognition
OTA upgrade
Interface Support●USB port●USB port
●Type-C port●Type-C port
Power Support●Luggage compartment 12V power supply●Luggage compartment 12V power supply
low beam (headlights)●LED●LED
high beam (headlights)●LED●LED
LED daytime running lights
Adaptive high and low beam
Adjustable headlights
Automatic headlights
Delayed headlight off
auxiliary steering light
front fog lights (of a motor vehicle)
Interior ambient lighting
power window●Forward●Forward
● Post● Post
One-touch window lifting● Full vehicle● Full vehicle
Anti Window Pinch Handle
outside rearview mirror●Motorized adjustment●Motorized adjustment
:: Electric folding:: Electric folding
●Automatic anti-glare●Automatic anti-glare
:: Memory:: Memory
●Automatic folding for locking the car●Automatic folding for locking the car
●Automatic reversing down●Automatic reversing down
rearview mirror●Automatic anti-glare●Automatic anti-glare
Glass Functions● Rear side privacy● Rear side privacy
inductive wiper
Air conditioners/refrigerators
Air conditioning control method● Automatic control● Automatic control
rear air vent
Temperature zone control
PM2.5 filtration
Negative Ion Generatorcharacter used in Taiwan as a substitute for a real name (like "X" in English)character used in Taiwan as a substitute for a real name (like "X" in English)
In-car scenting devicescharacter used in Taiwan as a substitute for a real name (like "X" in English)character used in Taiwan as a substitute for a real name (like "X" in English)




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