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NIO ET7 integrates the future of the second-generation digital cockpit technology as well as communicating the third-generation digital cockpit platform, NIO will gradually realize the different scenarios of point-to-point automated driving, to improve the technological experience, NIO ET7 also equipped with the second-generation high-efficiency electric drive platform, the acceleration of 100 kilometers of only 3.9 seconds, the 100 kilometers of the braking distance of 33.5 meters.
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NIO ET7 Details (4)
NIO ET7 Details (16)
NIO ET7 Details (2)
NIO ET7 Details (3)
NIO ET7 Details (19)
NIO ET7 Details (6)
NIO ET7 Details (18)
NIO ET7 Details (15)
NIO ET7 Details (13)
NIO ET7 Details (1)
NIO ET7 Details (17)
NIO ET7 Details (7)
NIO ET7 Details (8)
NIO ET7 Details (9)
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The NIO ET7 is very bold and innovative, adopting a completely different design style from the rest of NIO’s lineup, making the entire visual effect of the car all the more atmospheric and introverted through the mix of minimalism infused with technological intelligence. The side of the car adopts a streamlined design style, eliminating unnecessary corners. The overall appearance is very smooth with a sense of technology, and this design can also bring lower wind resistance. The overall body size relative to the current mainstream class models have a clear advantage, but also can realize the automatic pre-opening, to realize the senseless in and out, very technological sense.

The LiDAR equipped at the top of the head can be used with the 8 million camera, which can realize the detection of vehicles 680 meters away, and the farthest detection distance is more than 260 meters, in addition, the LiDAR also adopts the 1550 nm laser, which makes the NIO ET7 unimpeded in rainy and foggy weather.
Interior Design

The interior of the NIO ET7 adopts a minimalist design concept, equipped only with a full LCD instrument panel and a floating center control screen. Among them, the resolution of the center control screen is 1728*1888, and the screen adopts AMOLED technology, which can bring more delicate picture quality. At the same time, the internal chip has been upgraded from the original NVIDIA Tegra X1 to Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155, which further improves the smoothness of operation.


NIO Digital Cockpit

NIO ET7 will adopt the second-generation digital cockpit, which is composed of Qualcomm Snapdragon’s third-generation automotive digital cockpit and a 5G platform with in-vehicle mobile connectivity and communication capabilities such as 5G, V2X, Bluetooth 5.2, Wi-Fi6, UWB, and more. High configuration coupled with high performance is enough to attract people’s attention, and as a representative of high-end domestic electric vehicles, NIO ET7’s uncommon performance amazes people. I believe you will be impressed after reading it.


Power range

ET7 continues the high performance gene of NIO models, and will be equipped with a combination of front permanent magnet synchronous motor + rear AC asynchronous motor, with a combined maximum motor power of 480kW, a combined maximum torque of up to 850Nm, an official zero to 100km acceleration time of just 3.8 seconds, and a 100km to zero braking distance of 33.5 meters. Its acceleration ability has been improved by 0.1 seconds compared to the previously announced 3.9 seconds.

Meanwhile, the ET7’s range has also been detailed, with the CLTC model equipped with a 75kWh battery pack having a range of 550km; the CLTC model equipped with a 100kWh battery pack having a range of 705km; and the CLTC model equipped with a 150kWh battery pack having a range of more than 1,000km.




Basic vehicle parameters
Level:medium to large size carmedium to large size car
Time to market:Apr-23Apr-23
Body form:4-door, 5-seat sedan4-door, 5-seat sedan
L x W x H (mm):5101x1987x15095101x1987x1509
Wheelbase (mm):30603060
Power Type:all-electricall-electric
Maximum power of the whole vehicle (kW):480480
Maximum torque of the whole vehicle (N-m):850850
Official top speed (km/h):200200
Official 0-100 acceleration (s):3.83.8
Fast charging time (hours):0.50.6
Slow charging time (hours):11.514
MITI pure electric range (km):530675
body of automobile
Overall mass (kg):23492379
Approach angle (°):1414
Departure angle (°):1717
electric motor
MITI pure electric range (km):530675
Motor Type:Front permanent magnet/synchronous Rear AC/asynchronousFront permanent magnet/synchronous Rear AC/asynchronous
Total motor power (kW):480480
Total motor torque (N-m):850850
Number of motors:22
Motor Layout:Front + RearFront + Rear
Maximum power of front electric motor (kW):180180
Maximum torque of front motor (N-m):350350
Rear motor max power (kW):300300
Maximum torque of rear motor (N-m):500500
Battery type:Lithium ternary + lithium iron phosphateTernary lithium battery
Battery capacity (kWh):75100
100km power consumption (kWh/100km):16.216
Charging method:Fast charging + slow chargingFast charging + slow charging
Fast charging time (hours):0.50.6
Slow charging time (hours):11.514
Fast charging volume (%):8080
Number of gears:11
Transmission Type:Electric Vehicle Single SpeedElectric Vehicle Single Speed
Chassis steering
Drive method:Dual-motor four-wheel driveDual-motor four-wheel drive
Splitter (4WD) type:electric four-wheel driveelectric four-wheel drive
Body Structure:Load-bearing bodyLoad-bearing body
Steering Assist:electric power assistelectric power assist
Front suspension type:Five-link independent suspensionFive-link independent suspension
Rear suspension type:Multi-link independent suspensionMulti-link independent suspension
Adjustable suspension:●Flexibility adjustment●Flexibility adjustment
●High and low adjustment●High and low adjustment
Air suspension:
Wheel brakes
Front brake type:Ventilated tray typeVentilated tray type
Rear brake type:Ventilated tray typeVentilated tray type
Parking brake type:electronic handbrakeelectronic handbrake
Front Tire Specifications:245/50 R19245/50 R19
Rear Tire Specifications:245/50 R19245/50 R19
Wheel material:aluminumaluminum
Spare tire specification:Tire Repair Tool OnlyTire Repair Tool Only
safety equipment
Primary/passenger airbags:Main ●/Sub ●Main ●/Sub ●
Front/rear side airbags:Front ● / Back -Front ● / Back -
Front/rear head air curtains:Front ●/Rear ●Front ●/Rear ●
Seatbelt not fastened tip:
ISO FIX child seat interface:
Tire pressure monitoring device:Tire Pressure DisplayTire Pressure Display
Automatic anti-lock (ABS, etc.):
Brake force distribution
Brake Assist
traction control
stability control
Parallel Assist:
Lane Departure Warning System:
Lane Keeping Assist:
Road traffic signage identification:
Active braking/active safety systems:
Auto Park:
Uphill Assist:
Center lock in the car:
Remote key:
Keyless start system:
Keyless entry system:
Fatigue Driving Alerts:
Body Features/Configurations
Skylight type::: Segmented non-opening sunroof:: Segmented non-opening sunroof
Motorized suction door:● Full vehicle● Full vehicle
Power trunk:
Induction trunk:
Roof racks:--
Active Closed Grille:
Remote start function:
Interior Features/Configurations
Steering wheel material:● Leather● Leather
Steering wheel position adjustment::: Up and down:: Up and down
●Before and after●Before and after
The steering wheel is electrically adjustable:
Multi-function steering wheel:
Heated steering wheel:
Steering wheel memory:
Front/rear back-up radar:Front ●/Rear ●Front ●/Rear ●
Driver Assistance Imaging:●360-degree panoramic image●360-degree panoramic image
Reverse vehicle side warning system:
Cruise control:●Adaptive cruise at all speeds●Adaptive cruise at all speeds
● Assisted driving class L2● Assisted driving class L2
Driving mode switching::: Standard/comfort:: Standard/comfort
:: Campaigns:: Campaigns
:: Snow:: Snow
:: Economy:: Economy
Automatic Parking Entry:
Separate power connector in the car:●12V●12V
The trip computer display:
Full LCD instrument cluster:
LCD gauge size:●10.2 inches●10.2 inches
HUD heads-up digital display:
Built-in car recorder:
Wireless charging feature for cell phones:● Front row● Front row
Seat Configuration
Seat Material::: Imitation leather:: Imitation leather
Main driver's seat adjustment direction:●Forward and backward adjustment●Forward and backward adjustment
Backrest adjustmentBackrest adjustment
●High and low adjustment●High and low adjustment
●Lumbar support●Lumbar support
●Leg rest adjustment●Leg rest adjustment
Passenger seat adjustment direction:●Forward and backward adjustment●Forward and backward adjustment
Backrest adjustmentBackrest adjustment
●High and low adjustment●High and low adjustment
●Lumbar support●Lumbar support
●Leg rest adjustment●Leg rest adjustment
Power-adjustable driver's/passenger's seat:Main ●/Sub ●Main ●/Sub ●
Front Seat Features:●Heating●Heating
:: Ventilation:: Ventilation
:: Massage:: Massage
Power seat memory:●Main driver's seat●Main driver's seat
●Passenger seat●Passenger seat
Passenger seat rear adjustable button (boss button):
Second row seat adjustment direction:●Lumbar support●Lumbar support
Second Row Seating Features:●Heating●Heating
:: Ventilation:: Ventilation
:: Massage:: Massage
Front/rear seat center armrests:Front ●/Rear ●Front ●/Rear ●
Rear cup holders:
Multimedia Configuration
GPS navigation system:
In-vehicle information services:
Navigation road information display:
Center console LCD:●Touch OLED screen●Touch OLED screen
Center console LCD screen size:●12.8 inches●12.8 inches
Bluetooth/car phone:
Cell phone connectivity/mapping:●OTA upgrade●OTA upgrade
Voice Control:● Controllable multimedia systems● Controllable multimedia systems
● Controlled navigation● Controlled navigation
:: Controllable telephones:: Controllable telephones
●Controllable air conditioning●Controllable air conditioning
Rear control multimedia:
External audio interface:●USB●USB
USB/Type-C port::: 3 front/2 rear:: 3 front/2 rear
Number of speaker horns (pcs):●23 Horn●23 Horn
Lighting Configuration
Low beam light source:●LED●LED
High beam light source:●LED●LED
Daytime running lights:
Adaptive high and low beams:
Headlights turn on and off automatically:
Steering auxiliary light illumination:
Front fog lights:●LED●LED
Height adjustable headlights:
Headlight washers:--
Interior ambient lighting:●256 colors●256 colors
Windows and mirrors
Front/rear power windows:Front ●/Rear ●Front ●/Rear ●
One-touch window up/down function:● Full vehicle● Full vehicle
Window anti-pinch feature:
Multi-layer acoustic glass:● Full vehicle● Full vehicle
Outside rearview mirror function:●Motorized adjustment●Motorized adjustment
:: Electric folding:: Electric folding
●Heated mirrors●Heated mirrors
●Rearview mirror memory●Rearview mirror memory
●Automatic anti-glare●Automatic anti-glare
●Automatic reversing down●Automatic reversing down
●Automatic folding for locking the car●Automatic folding for locking the car
Inside rearview mirror function:●Automatic anti-glare●Automatic anti-glare
Rear side privacy glass:
Interior vanity mirrors:●Main driver's seat + lighting●Main driver's seat + lighting
●Passenger seat + lighting●Passenger seat + lighting
Front sensing wipers:
Air conditioners/refrigerators
Air conditioning temperature control method:●Automatic air conditioning●Automatic air conditioning
Temperature zoned control:
Rear air vents:
Individual rear air conditioning:
Car Air Purifier:
PM2.5 filter or pollen filter:
Negative ion generator:
In-car scenting unit:




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