Tank 500 Hi4-T


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The 2023 Tank 500 adds seatback ventilation as well as standard transmission floor protection and on-board ETC, optimized vehicle stability and on-board systems.
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Tank 500 Hi4-T Details (8)
Tank 500 Hi4-T Details (2)
Tank 500 Hi4-T Details (1)
Tank 500 Hi4-T Details (5)
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Tank 500 Hi4-T Details (8)
Tank 500 Hi4-T Details (2)
Tank 500 Hi4-T Details (1)
Tank 500 Hi4-T Details (5)
Tank 500 Hi4-T Details (3)
Tank 500 Hi4-T Details (4)
Tank 500 Hi4-T Details (6)
Tank 500 Hi4-T Details (7)
Tank 500 Hi4-T Details (9)
Tank 500 Hi4-T Details (11)
Tank 500 Hi4-T Details (10)
Tank 500 Hi4-T Auto Details (1)
Tank 500 Hi4-T Auto Details (2)
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The design is basically the same as the fuel version, except for the energy port and the hybrid identity logo at the rear. The Tank 500 Hi4-T still carries the unique label of off-road + business, and the overflowing muscularity doesn’t hide the TA’s powerful luxury business aura. On this point alone, the Tank 500’s design has already succeeded, with the rugged style of the older generation of American models, but with all the details, it’s very delicate.


Unreservedly highlights the luxury style, of course, the single area of each area of the decorative panel is very large, armrests, center control area is also designed to be wide and regular, or exudes some of the exclusive style of hardcore off-road. In addition, the Tank 500 Hi4-T even has a luxury car’s bottom line in terms of interior texture, with woodgrain veneer, metal buttons, piping, one-touch start buttons with cut-out effects, crystal gear lever, center-mounted mechanical watch, and a color scheme with a strong taste of luxury in a low-key way, the luxury degree of pinpointing is definitely in place.

Seat settings are wide, thick, soft, diamond grid stitching process noble and elegant, and leather touch is excellent, the sense of wrapping the body as well as impeccable support, functionality naturally also belongs to the top standard, ventilation, heating, massage is not a matter of course.

Turn to the rear, the central armrest down also gave a sizeable touch screen, slide unlocked, can be realized on the rear seat part of the function of the adjustment, such as massage mode, intensity of the choice, air conditioning adjustment, media adjustment, etc., which, the rear massage provides a low in the high three kinds of massage intensity, massage mode is up to nearly ten kinds.


The Tank 500 Hi4-T is changed with a 2.0T engine and a 9HAT gearbox integrated with a high-power P2 motor, with a maximum combined power of 300kW, a maximum combined torque of 750N-m, and an officially announced acceleration of 100km in just 6.9 seconds. From the figures, the Tank 500 Hi4-T is stronger than the fuel version. Under the ideal state of full power, the Tank 500 Hi4-T actually has better power performance. More importantly, the Tank 500 Hi4-T with 37.1kW-h battery can play with more diversified ways of play, and the 110km pure electric range can almost meet the needs of the vast majority of users for zero-emission and low-cost daily commuting, together with the 70-liter fuel tank. With a 70-liter fuel tank, the combined range of the Tank 500 Hi4-T can come to nearly 800 kilometers, making long-distance traversing more convenient.




Basic vehicle parameters
Level:medium to large size car
Body form:5-door, 5-seat SUV/Crossover
L x W x H (mm):5078x1934x1905
Wheelbase (mm):2850
Power Type:plug-in hybrid
Maximum power of the whole vehicle (kW):300
Maximum torque of the whole vehicle (N-m):750
Official top speed (km/h):180
Official 0-100 acceleration (s):6.9
Engine:2.0T 252hp L4
Transmission:9-speed manual
Fuel Consumption(L/100km)--/--/2.2
Fast charging time (hours):0.4
Slow charging time (hours):6.5
MITI pure electric range (km):120
body of automobile29.6
Length (mm):5078
Width (mm):1934
Height (mm):1905
Wheelbase (mm):2850
Number of doors (pcs):5
Number of seats (pcs):5
Fuel tank volume (L):70
Overall mass (kg):2810
Minimum Ground Clearance (mm):213
Approach angle (°):29.5
Departure angle (°):24
Engine Model:E20NA
Displacement (L):2
Cylinder volume (cc):1998
Intake form:turbocharged
Number of cylinders (pcs):4
Cylinder arrangement:inline
Number of valves per cylinder (pcs):4
Valve Structure:double overhead
Maximum horsepower (ps):252
Maximum power (kW/rpm):185.0/5500-6000
Maximum torque (N-m/rpm):380.0/1700-4000
Fuel:Gasoline 92
Oil supply method:direct injection
Cylinder head material:aluminum
Cylinder material:aluminum
Engine start-stop technology:
Emission standards:Country VI
electric motormultiplate clutch
MITI pure electric range (km):120
Motor Type:Permanent magnet/synchronous
Total motor power (kW):120
Total motor torque (N-m):400
Motor Layout:awaiting investigation
Battery type:Ternary lithium battery
Battery capacity (kWh):37.1
Battery Pack Warranty:Unlimited years/miles for first owner
Charging compatibility:Dedicated charging post + public charging post
Charging method:Fast charging + slow charging
Fast charging time (hours):0.4
Slow charging time (hours):6.5
Fast charging volume (%):30-80
transmissionMain ●/Sub ●
Number of gears:9
Transmission Type:automated manual transmission (e.g. gas and electricity supply)
Chassis steering
Drive method:front four-wheel drive
Splitter (4WD) type:seasonable four-wheel drive
Body Structure:Non-load-bearing body
Steering Assist:electric power assist
Front suspension type:Double Wishbone Independent Suspension
Rear suspension type:Integral Axle Non-Independent Suspension
Center Differential Structure:multiplate clutch
Center differential locking function:
Limited Slip Differential/Differential Lock:●Rear axle differential lock
Wheel brakes
Front brake type:Ventilated tray type
Rear brake type:Ventilated tray type
Parking brake type:electronic handbrake
Front Tire Specifications:265/55 R19
Rear Tire Specifications:265/55 R19
Wheel material:aluminum
Spare tire specification:Full-size spare tire
safety equipment
Primary/passenger airbags:Main ●/Sub ●
Front/rear side airbags:Front ● / Back -
Front/rear head air curtains:Front ●/Rear ●
Seatbelt not fastened tip:
ISO FIX child seat interface:
Tire pressure monitoring device:Tire Pressure Display
Automatic anti-lock (ABS, etc.):
Brake force distribution
(EBD/CBC, etc.):
Brake Assist
(EBA/BAS/BA, etc.):
traction control
(ASR/TCS/TRC, etc.):
stability control
(ESP/DSC/VSC, etc.):
Parallel Assist:
Lane Departure Warning System:
Lane Keeping Assist:
Road traffic signage identification:
Active braking/active safety systems:
Auto Park:
Uphill Assist:
Steep slopes slow down:
Electronic engine immobilization:
Center lock in the car:
Remote key:
Keyless start system:
Keyless entry system:
Fatigue Driving Alerts:
Body Features/Configurations● Off-road
Skylight type:●Openable panoramic sunroof
Motorized suction door::: Motorized suction doors
Power trunk:
Roof racks:
Remote start function:
Vehicle side footrests:●Motorized retractable pedals
Interior Features/Configurations
Steering wheel material:● Leather
Steering wheel position adjustment::: Up and down
●Before and after
The steering wheel is electrically adjustable:
Multi-function steering wheel:
Steering wheel shift:
Heated steering wheel:
Steering wheel memory:
Front/rear back-up radar:Front ●/Rear ●
Driver Assistance Imaging:●360-degree panoramic image
Reverse vehicle side warning system:
Cruise control:●Adaptive cruise at all speeds
● Assisted driving class L2
Driving mode switching::: Standard/comfort
:: Campaigns
● Off-road
:: Snow
:: Economy
Automatic Parking Entry:
Separate power connector in the car:●220/230V
The trip computer display:
Full LCD instrument cluster:
LCD gauge size:●12.3 inches
HUD heads-up digital display:
Built-in car recorder:
Active noise reduction:
Wireless charging function for cell phones:● Front row
Other features in the car:ETC
Seat Configurationnot have
Seat Material:● Leather
Main driver's seat adjustment direction:●Forward and backward adjustment
Backrest adjustment
●High and low adjustment
●Lumbar support
Passenger seat adjustment direction:●Forward and backward adjustment
Backrest adjustment
●High and low adjustment
Power-adjustable driver's/passenger's seat:Main ●/Sub ●
Front Seat Features:●Heating
:: Ventilation
:: Massage (driver's seat only)
○Massage (passenger seat only)
Power seat memory:●Main driver's seat
Second row seat adjustment direction:Backrest adjustment
Second Row Seating Features:●Heating
:: Ventilation
Third row of seats:not have
The way the rear seats are lowered:● Proportionally lowerable
Front/rear seat center armrests:Front ●/Rear ●
Rear cup holders:
Multimedia Configuration●Infinity
GPS navigation system:
In-vehicle information services:
Navigation road information display:
Center console LCD:●Touch LCD
Center console LCD screen size:●14.6 inches
Bluetooth/car phone:
Cell phone connectivity/mapping:●OTA upgrade
Voice Control:● Controllable multimedia systems
● Controlled navigation
:: Controllable telephones
●Controllable air conditioning
:: Controllable sunroof
Rear control multimedia:
External audio interface:●USB
● SD card
USB/Type-C port::: 2 front/2 rear
Audio Brands:●Infinity
Number of speaker horns (pcs):●12 speakers
Lighting Configuration●Automatic folding for locking the car
Low beam light source:●LED
High beam light source:●LED
Daytime running lights:
Adaptive high and low beams:
Headlights turn on and off automatically:
Steering auxiliary light illumination:
Front fog lights:●LED
Height adjustable headlights:
Interior ambient lighting:●Multi-color
Windows and mirrors
Front/rear power windows:Front ●/Rear ●
One-touch window up/down function:● Full vehicle
Window anti-pinch feature:
Multi-layer acoustic glass:● Front row
● Rear
Outside rearview mirror function:●Motorized adjustment
:: Electric folding
●Heated mirrors
●Rearview mirror memory
●Automatic reversing down
●Automatic folding for locking the car
Inside rearview mirror function:●Automatic anti-glare
Rear side sunshade:● Manual
Rear side privacy glass:
Interior vanity mirrors:●Main driver's seat + lighting
●Passenger seat + lighting
Front sensing wipers:
Rear wiper:
Air conditioners/refrigerators
Air conditioning temperature control method:●Automatic air conditioning
Temperature zoned control:
Rear air vents:
Individual rear air conditioning:
Car Air Purifier:
PM2.5 filter or pollen filter:




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